Bensonhurst talent scout Michael Albanese is suing club owner Eric Krasucki for not playing the right music at his club. Albanese allegedly organized a private, Studio 54-themed party at Club B66 in May, and was upset when Krasucki’s DJ skimped on the disco Albanese preferred, in favor of “hip-hop, techno and rap music.”

Albanese, who has apparently never been to a club before, is also claiming that he and his guests were subjected to the horror of paying “exorbitant and outrageous” prices for drinks that were “terribly watered down.” In the suit’s most damning claims, Albanese states that he was skimped on his cut of the door for organizing the party, and that when he returned to B66 the next day to pick up “two pairs of expensive sunglasses” that he’d left, Krasucki called him a “gumba” who hung out with “Italian mob guys.”

Krasucki, for his part, is having none of it. “I got this business 16 years. I’ve seen a lot, but I’ve never seen a guy like this guy,” he said. “I kept my word.”

(Photo: A. Strakey/Flickr)