Saying that the Diamond District “feels more like a developing country than the middle of Midtown” is a bit pretentious, but still, the Wall Street Journal brings up a good point about the block, it is a mess. But it’s doubtful that the “glimmering tower” that’s currently being built on 47th Street is going to affect the institutionalized griminess that permeates the area, even if this new building’s exterior “looks like it is lined with rows of square-cut diamonds or like the tessellations of an M.C. Escher design.” No matter how nice it is, the situation on the ground remains the same and the location is less of a diamond district and more of a string of low brow brow pawn shops devoid of rich consumers. They’re busy buying precious gems 10 blocks north at at Tiffany’s and Buccellati, the city’s real Diamond District. (Photo: Claudio Papapietro)