It’s Time We Gave 1WTC A Proper Nickname

General consensus is that One World Trade Center is going to be good for the city. “Without it we just looked like fucking Jersey City for a long time,” said Bucky Turco, ANIMAL founder.

We kinda think the spire makes our city’s soon-to-be-tallest building look a bit cetacean.

What do you think a good nickname? Here’s the very best the newsroom could come up with off hand. (You should see the ones we didn’t add).

  • The Tower
  • One Dub
  • The Narwhal
  • The One
  • World Trade Member

If it helps jog your nickname-brain, 1WTC was formerly dubbed the “Freedom Tower.” It will have an American height of 1,776 feet and be 104 stories when completed in late 2013.

The current building fiasco is whether to keep the structure surrounding the spire or leave it as a radio tower.

“When calculating building height, architectural spires are included; antennas are not,” so the spire better be a goddamn narwhal tusk or it won’t be The Tallest Building In America, and we know how important that is.

(Photo: Screenshot from Michael Calcagno’s “WTC Timelapse from Brooklyn”)