Left: A black kid getting buried in Bombay Beach. Right: Jack White’s new “Sixteen Saltines” video. But wait, there’s more.

Bombay Beach is a beautiful arty documentary released last year set in a dead California town where nothing much happens, intercut with scenes of violence and decay. “Sixteen Saltines” has kidnapped a few of its visual tropes into a craaazy montage, sprinkled in some distressed videotape à la Harmony Korine, sleeked it up and ta-da.

Here’s the trailer to the film and the music video, side by side. Also, I tend to be overly sensitive about these things. So, you decide.


Just in the trailer alone you can see that the kid breaking windows in an empty, dilapidated building looks familiar.

Also, if the magical dance sequences look familiar, they make up a very large portion of the film.

In the Bombay Beach trailer, there’s no shot of the bedroom of this young kid (left), but it looks almost exactly like this young kid (right), trust me. They both have some medication issues. Naturally.

Of course, I might be crazy. Or, it might be karma. Alma Har’el’s Bombay Beach has been accused of looking familiar to Korine’s Gummo, though I don’t see it quite so much as I see this.