This Saturday, the Hollywood actor who makes you angry because he’s totally committed to this artist thing and the sexy, sexy artist Laurel Nakadate will take part in some happening at the New Museum from 5:30 to 6:30pm. There will be knives. There will be hard bromance In Memoriam. Also, possibly, a psychic, reports Gothamist.

Franco is launching his project with The Thing, that is, peddling you these pretty LATAMA switchblades of fancy-sounding specifications and “Brad Renfro” carved into its White Brazilian Horn Handle, “Forever” etched into its blade. Like Franco’s short film Brad Renfro Forever, the project ceremoniously tributes his actor friend who overdosed from heroin at 25. In the film, tattoo giant Mark Mahoney carves “BRAD” into Franco’s forearm, thick and bloody. That’s love, albeit, performative.

Hate on the kid, but he continues to do it to it. What happened to the documentary, Franco? Got busy throwing seances with Nakadate? Oh, yeah, and your huge solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep Photoshopping Nakadate and Franco in closer and closer proximity to each other until that kinky sex tape leaks. Totally just kidding. Don’t sue.