Artist Throws Cats, Pisses Off World, Goes Into Hiding

11.05.12 Marina Galperina

Belgian artist Jan Fabre artist appears to have made a gigantic error in judgement or, in the very least, physics. Fabre recently staged a mass cat tossing session at the City Hall in Antwerp. See the cats meow hard and land with worrisome thuds in the video.

Since then, Fabre has received 20,000 hate emails and was allegedly attacked by masked men with clubs while jogging. “I had to run for my life,” he said. He has been sleeping a different address every night to escape more wrath of “animal rights activists.” He since apologized on a news program:

“I am deeply sorry that the cats landed badly. I want to apologize to cat lovers. It was not my intention to injure or hurt the cats. The cats are fine.”

Whatever, dude. The cats sound terrified. Later, on a different news program, Fabre said that the cat collateral was “sensationalized” and “exaggerated.” He also claimed that there was a political party conspiracy against him.

To his credit, Jan Fabre has made interesting visual art and theater. He burned and spelled out “MONEY” in ashes, covered an entire building in ballpoint drawings, painted with his blood and staged ground-breaking plays, but the live cat tossing is worrisome. Apparently, the performance documentation is part of a bigger documentary piece about the artist, but that’s really not much to go on… unlike those terrible, haunting meows.