Japan’s Galactic Winter Light Show

11.05.12 Irina Dvalidze

If you ever wondered what it would be like taking a stroll through an intergalactic nebula, Japan has got you covered–since November 3rd, the Nabana no Sato botanical garden has been transformed into a light theme park of cosmic proportions. The park features millions of LED lights spread across the vast grounds of the garden, water and plant alike, and unlike the Christmas light installations we dread seeing around Christmas time in the Rockefeller Plaza, Nabana no Sato installations follow an artistic theme–this year’s being “nature.” The exhibit includes an illuminated rendition of Mount Fuji as well as an Aurora.

The most recognized attraction of the park is the light tunnel depicted above, consisting of thousands small floral lights that can glow in different shades, enveloping the park visitors is warm tones as they pass through.

(Image: My Modern Met)