In a new ad for D’Ussé luxury brand cognac, Jay-Z lounges in presumably-his pad, puffing on a cigar in a snazzy housecoat, granting us the presence of the back of his easily-recognizable Hov head. As he’s guzzling at these symbols of wealth, in the corner, there’s Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Untitled (1983).

As he’s bragged in Ain’t I, he’s got “Warhols on my hall’s walls” and “Basquiats in the lobby of my spot.”

But it’s further than mad expensive accessories. Jay’s Basquiat fan-boy-ism goes deep. He feels things. Like in “Most Kingz” that interprets Basquiat’s Charlie Parker-inspired Most Kings [Get Their Heads Cut Off]: “See success is like suicide/Suicide, it’s a suicide/When you succeed prepare to be crucified.” Deep, especially in context of this ad, as he’s lounging — not teetering — at the apex of success, with all the necessary totems, in a room with a view. Kinging, per se. A moment of introspection, is it?

Or maybe it’s not that deep.