A nefarious ring of 18 JFK Airport employees was arrested today for stealing 100,000 miniature liquor bottles from the airport. Their total bounty, which also included larger bottles of liquor and other duty-free items, is alleged to exceed $750,000. Police also raided the home of a retired airport truck driver and found more than 500 garbage bags full of mini bottles and $34,000 cash.

I’d like the story a little more if the alleged thieves were stealing the bottles for their own personal use, but according to prosecutors, they were planning on selling the goods on the mini bottle black market, which is a thing, apparently. District Attorney Richard Brown made it about terrorism, which probably shouldn’t be a surprise. “Airport security personnel entrusted with guarding against theft and maintaining security at the airport were allegedly involved in the scheme,” he said. “If a terrorist wanted to breach airport security, the alleged actions of these defendants gave then a back-door opportunity to do so.”

(Image: Emiliano/Flickr)