This evening, the New York Art Department opened a brand new exhibit featuring urban calligrapher JIM JOE at The Hole gallery in the East Village. The mysterious artist has made a name for himself, quite literally, by his obsessive-compulsive street-bombing antics, writing his moniker (often accompanied by his signature quips) on walls and just about anything else he get his hands on. Entitled YES 2012, the show will only be open till Sunday and is comprised of canvasses, seemingly simplistic installations and painted found objects that range anywhere in price from $1500 to $5000. But one thing that’s noticeably absent from the ubiquitous body of work that he has created out in the public, is the lack of the very namesake that garnered him all the attention in the first place. His “JIM JOE” tag really only appears on the front of one piece and in spray paint on the wall, so it’s somewhat disappointing, yet at the same time pleasantly unexpected, like a highly recognizable brand putting out a collection without its logo on any of the products. (Photos: Joseph Schulhoff/ANIMALNewYork)