Jodorowsky Jr. Is Making A Film With Asia Argento, Give Him Your Money!

08.24.12 Marina Galperina

Adan Jodorowsky is making his own short film and it’s unabashedly like his daddy Alejandro’s. It’s starting another director spawn, the phenomenal Asia Argneto and it’s a “surreal odyssey,” “strong, violent and artistic.” Of course it is. Let Adan explain.

The Voice Thief: An opera singer’s husband (“crazy guy”) crushes his wife’s throat and goes out looking for voices to steal.

…His journey takes him to the den of a prostitute dwarf who still lives as a child in the shadow of her mother’s corpse, a cult that worships a giant transvestite who drips gold from her vagina, and finally back to Naya where they meet their violent end..

Yup. Sounds like daddy. What’s with all these director kids following in their dad’s exact foot steps, ahem Cronenberg Jr? That’s fine. Give him money. He’ll give you things. And hug you. Asia Argento! C’mon.

Adan has just finished working with Alejandro in Chile on a new movie, the first time they’ve collaborated since Sante Sangre, which is… well… here it is: