Judith Supine’s “Too Much for One Man”

According to street beautifier Judith Supine’s gallery bio, “He did not speak until he was seventeen years of age, during which time he used drawing and collage as a form of communication.” Seventeen years later, that adolescent condition continues to pay off for him as he opens his latest exhibit at Jonathan Levine Gallery. Here’s the art-speak description of the series:

These visual contrasts highlight class issues, twisted ideals and culture clashes. Supine turns airbrushed fashion and cosmetic beauties into monstrous creatures. Subverting sexy into scary, innocent into depraved and privileged into pornographic, children’s faces are superimposed onto adult nude bodies as luxury brand supermodels merge with the world’s impoverished. Supine’s work exposes the grotesque vulgarity of its advertising sources yet also manages to touch upon core truths of humanity, posing profound questions that resonate.

“Too Much For One Man,” Judith Supine, Jonathan Levine Gallery, September 8 – October 6