Soon, Manhattanites will be able to download a “walking experience” app onto their smart phones so that they’ll know what the hell to do once their walk over the Brooklyn Bridge has concluded in Downtown Brooklyn. “The pedestrian experience in Downtown Brooklyn can be confusing and overwhelming because it’s not as easy to [navigate] as Manhattan,” Tucker Reed, president of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership told reporters. “There is a lot happening here, but we haven’t done a great job connecting the dots to the total experience.” The guide, which will start at the stairs that lead to and from the Brooklyn Bridge in Cadman Plaza and will lead through to Barclays Center, will spotlight Borough Hall, Fulton Mall, and BAM, as well as potentially giving historical information and dining recommendations. So if all the other kids download this app, does that mean you will, too?

(Photo: In Sappho we Trust/Flickr)