Kanye Westing ‘Great Gatsby’

05.23.12 Marina Galperina

Baz Luhrmann’s heavily anticipated film adaptation of The Great Gatsby finally has a trailer and it’s bursting with glitter, girlies, opulent obvious CGI and anachronistic song. It’s just like Moulin Rouge, but with Leonardo DiCaprio who is Gatsby who is Kanye West, apparently.

Let’s all, uh, try to remember back to high school Lit class on whether this scoring really makes sense. Well, the Jay-Z and ‘Ye’s ‘No Church in the Wild’ isn’t that far off the theme. Love-maimed rich eccentrics, something something? Jack White’s cover of U2’s ‘Love Is Blindness’ sounds pretty and hey, at least they’re not doing the Can-Can over Kurt Cobain’s grave anymore with “singing.”

And just look at this artificial, crispy, totally un-believable olde New York. Muaw!




This is going to be awesome.