Bigger is betterish! Mana Contemporary, a Jersey City gallery/art storage facility, will play host to what sounds like the largest collection of Keith Haring’s work, starting today — largest pieces, that is. The exhibit will showcase works from a private collection, including oversized metal panels that Haring spray painted on FDR Drive in 1986, as well as a selection of his notable subway drawings and paintings on leathers.

The exhibit is organized by 99 Cents Fine Art, New York. The short press release/tease brags as much about Haring’s work as it does about the grandeur of the gallery, which is 5,000-square-feet and appropriately so, considering that most pieces selected for the showing are excessively large.

“This exceptional exhibition highlights Mana Contemporary’s ability to show oversize installations,” states Mana Contemporary founder Eugene Lemay. “We are thrilled that the public can see these timeless works by Keith Haring as they originally appeared.”

We applaud Mana Contemporary’s capacity for hosting large pieces, but we are not entirely sold on Mr. Lemay argument unless they’ve got an entire train car in there.

“Mana Contemporary Presents Keith Haring, An Unprecedented Exhibition Of Oversized Works,” Keith Haring, December 2, 2012 -February 15, 2013, MANA CONTEMPORARY, Jersey City, NJ