“Vintage upright piano once owned by underground experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Needs tuning and some repair, but otherwise in working condition.” $250 on Craigslist, albeit the blurry (ahhhrtistic?) photo doesn’t clue us in much about how much repair it needs or if Anton LaVey borrowed it.

This gem comes from Art Fag City — now, also specializing in art-related Craiglist ads. So, now we’ll cruise. Hmm… This guy is “looking to do a beautiful bodypainting on a fun sexy, fit woman” and totally “not looking for sex” in Casual Encounters. Some 52-year old is looking for his “missed connection” from the MET — missed because he was “in the company of a lady,” that skeeve. Someone is upset about “Wtf happened to brooklyn?” because “Everyone is an artist of some sort.” And I think we’re done here. Sigh.