Jay Maslow of Brooklyn’s James Madison High School is looking to make a name for himself off his school’s salacious reputation. The most recent in a string of alleged sex scandals cropped up this month when teacher Erin Sayars was accused of being involved in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student, earning the school the nickname “Horndog High.” Under the name “Dov,” Maslow penned a song, “Ghost Rhymer,” in which he alleges drug use, homophobia, and racism, to tack onto the claims of sexual misconduct.

Maslow told reporters “I think it’s sad that our school has to be known for that, but as a student, I’m going to talk about it. It’s what’s going on in my school, it’s my First Amendment right that I learned in school, and I’m using it, you know?”

In the song, the names of the teachers are scratched out, but I’d watch out for this kid if I were a teacher. Like he says in the song, “I’m the ghost rhymer, I’m the cat you all see. I watch everything that’s happening and tell it for free.”