A whistleblower who worked security at the Indian Point power plant that’s located dangerously close to New York City claims the facility is unsafe in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday for a tremendous amount of money. According to the Journal News, Clifton “Skip” Travis Jr. is suing Entergy, the operators of the potential nuclear time bomb, for $1.5 billion. He says the plant has shut him out for voicing his concern and is woefully unprepared to handle a terrorist attack:

Travis said that in each of the past two years, the plant’s force-on-force drills — where mock adversaries attack the plant — ended with the “terrorists” taking over their intended targets. And since he was hired, the terrorists have won at least half the time, he said.

Last year, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani — who heads a security firm — did a PSA for Entergy, claiming Indian Point is perfectly safe. Then again, he also said the air in Lower Manhattan was fine to breathe after 9/11 and we all know how that turned out.