Lawsuit Uncovers Seedy Sex Lives Of Rikers Island Corrections Officers

A lawsuit filed by Rikers Island corrections officer Tomara Bryan points to “the rampant inappropriate sexual acts taking place on and off the job between and among supervisory and non-supervisory members of the Department of Corrections.” The thrust of the suit alleges that female superiors discriminated against Bryan on the basis of her gender, mistreating her after hearing about her affair married Rikers warden Emmanuel Bailey, while Bailey was lightly scolded but basically got off scot-free. It’s worth noting that in February, Bailey was charged with assaulting Byran and forced to retire.

Domestic abuse and gender discrimination are always bad, but I’m more interested in the corrections officers getting “rampant, inappropriate” sex acts while on the job at Rikers. Does this kind of thing happen at other prisons? Maybe that’s where former prison guard Ricky Rozay got his loverman swag.

Anyway, it gives a whole new meeting to the motto on the above sign: “Rikers Island: the boldest correction officers in the world.”