Lawyer’s Bike Crash App To Boost Cyclists’ Cases

The increasing furor over the lack of justice meted out to bike hit-and-runs has revealed how short-staffed and ineffective the NYPD’s Accident Investigation Squad is–so hopefully, this new iPhone app will empower bikers to collect evidence for their own post-crash accident reports. Lawyer Daniel Flanzig developed the “Bike Crash Kit” to collect info after harrowing crashes when he noticed clients were writing down details or recording evidence on their phones anyway, so the app really just throws all the required fields in a handy list so bikers and drivers shaken from the accident can follow easily. Bonus features include recording tools (camera, audio recorder, note/drawing pad) and the smartphone-enabled GPS, but the handiest feature may be the step-by-step guide to recording info after a crash and accident-related FAQs. Of course, there’s the option to submit the report to Flanzig’s firm, but the app is a great all-in-one ally for bikers fighting the often uphill legal battle to establish fault. Y’know, so long as the phone doesn’t break in the crash.

(Photo: QXZ/Flickr)