Let's Exile Shady Bankers to Dunkin Island

This is a proposal from artist and Yes Men co-schemer Larry M. Bogad: Let’s build an island, just off Battery Park, 100-yards in diamater, and permanently exile some assholes, namely “those who have committed egregious offenses—for example, bankers and speculators responsible for the most recent financial crisis.” 

State-subsidized water taxis will deliver the criminals there and what happens next is quite carnival-esque. New Yorkers and tourists will use a gigantic catapult installed on the roof of the Museum of the American Indian and fires soft projectiles at the target. If hit, the spring-rigged island will bob underwater and bounce back up with the prisoners soaked, hence “Dunkin‘ Island.” Now that’s “ecologically sound and cathartic entertainment!”

Don’t get too excited. So far, this is just “a site-specific art infiltration” into the Panorama of the City of New York at the Queens Museum, but one can dream. One can dream.