The next wave of Occupy protest videos will likely have crisper image clarity thanks to Livestream’s HD broadcasting device: the Broadcaster. At $495, the Broadcaster is a streaming device made to take HD footage (1080i, 720p, or SD 480i) encode it to the h.264 codec and stream it to a user’s Livestream account.

The Broadcaster has an ethernet port, Wi-Fi capabilities, and a USB port for 3G/4G modem connectivity. A new Broadcaster will also get you a coupon for three free months of a Livestream Producer account, worth $135.

Gone are the days of being restricted to livestreaming in low-resolution. Expect a large number of Occupy protest cameras to have bright red Broadcasters mounted on top. Livestreamers will finally be able to catch every sign, every arrest and every chant in full HD. Viva la resolution!

(Photo: Livestream)