Chelsea’s High Line — that urban-renewal project that everyone still loves, only slightly, slightly less than they used to —  has spawned a copycat in London. Granted, we did just steal their idea of making a giant ferris wheel (but we’re making it better).

Architects were asked to submit their green infrastructure-inspired designs to the blatantly-titled “A Highline for London” design competition. The winning idea aims to restore the Mail Rail Tunnels below Oxford street, a series of 9 feet-wide tubes originally used to transport mail. “Pop Down” designed by Fletcher Priest Architects, will additionally include an urban mushroom garden lit by fiber-optic cables and skylights.

The second-place design was even more quirky, proposing to turn old, un-used canals into swimming lanes for commuters to swim to work, because obviously London is warm enough to do that.

(Photo: E-Architect)