Here’s an awesome display of vigilante justice delivered for all to see in the streets of Moscow and the internets of Russia. When a high-ranking government official decided to take a little drive through the “public transport only” lane, one lone cyclist decided to stop him. With his bike. You’re-not-going-anywhere-buddy style.

A crowd gathered. A traffic cop arrived. He was shooed off by Mr. Fancy Official Pants. Then, the crowd encircled the Mercedes mid-getaway and chanted “TICKET! TICKET! TICKET!” until another, younger cop was thrust into the awkward situation and issued the damn ticket.

This, ladies and gentlemen, would have been a rare spectacle even in New York where officials and various special classes are used to special above-the-law privileges. But for it to happen in Russia? Where girls get sent to the gulag for 40 seconds of dancing in a church against Putin? Damn.

Truly, that first gentlemen is a disciple of Bucket Man. Glory! Hallelujah!