What should be a red-letter day for children across the nation will instead be met with somber faces heralding a grim season of fewer ice cream choices for Long Island. Tomorrow’s Sergio Leone standoff will occur at high noon in Wantagh with Nassau County Legislator David Denenberg, the somehow-responsible Good Humor company officials, and civic and community leaders to discuss the Trouble in Paradise. They’ll be happy to have a discussion, says Newsday, about why perennial favorites like Toasted Almond and Chocolate Eclair have ridden into the sunset for the forseeable future due to “distribution problems.”

The flavor outage is expected to affect 10,000 children as this week nears record 100-degree temperatures. Concerned citizens should bring whatever sharp tools and flaming sticks they deem necessary to Wantagh Park, 1 King Road, just south of Merrick Road at 12 p.m. tomorrow.

(Photo: PeterJBellis/Flickr)