Look at This Bear Art Inside a Mountain Cave!

12.20.12 Marina Galperina

Well, this is clever. Visitors who drive along the National Tourist Routes in Norway may enter a mountain cave — provided it is not snowed in — make their way down a tunnel and peak into a window in the ground to see a bear sleeping on top of trash of the human civilization. Mark Dion’s newest project Den is a pile of outmoded technology, Viking stuff, thrift store junk, a Colonial wheel, trash, crap, trash, crap, and trash.

Hidden inside the mountain by architect Lars J. Berge, the installation has been a long time coming. The bear is synthetic taxidermy, hence the muppet-esque appearance. No, instinctually pondering that “Wow, it would have been even better with a real bear!” for a second does not make you a terrible person.

Ok, the second is over. Now you’re a terrible person.

(Image: dsdquoteidien/Tumblr)