Yes, baby tigers! They’re here from Ohio, as part of the “Ideal Pole” group show curated Bjarne Melgaard at the Ramiken Crucible on the Lower East Side. I stopped by to see them. Watch! It’s so much better than a regular cat video.

Sonja and Tanja are five-and-a-half month old babies whose father was rescued from a bellied-up zoo and whose mother comes from a home of “someone who had no business having them,” their handler Maria told me. Watch as they rattle the cage, run in circles and maul jackets, stuffed animals and each other’s adorable, snarling faces. Can you see how they’re going to grow up to be 300 to 450 pounds and want to kill things? Nature. Deal with it.

I was worried about them, but Maria says they really aren’t bothered by the people. They could care less. That’s a little worrisome, actually. Shouldn’t they?

UPDATE: Yeah, they should. There have been multiple legal and ethical concerns about the treatment and transport of the animals. Turns out you can’t just make yourself a wild animal zoo in the city any time you feel like it.