Sequential photo series are very satisfying. So is voyerism. So is food porn. Presenting… All three of those things.

Mark Menjivar’s popular photo series “You Are What You Eat” goes into the fridges of carpenters, midwives, schoolteachers, misc laborers and fancily-employed people of all sorts and shows just what it is they’re planning on stuffing down their throat/throats of their brood, if applicable. From stacks of take-out styrofoam, to heaping cornucopia of vegetables, from podiums to receptacles of greasy whatever, to — as in the case of most of my peer brethren — vast lands of scum-ridden nothing… See them as big prints at the Brooklyn Misc Gallery by this weekend.

“You Are What You Eat,” Mark Menjivar, Dec 1 – Feb 3, Brooklyn Misc.
 Gallery, Brooklyn