Love Will Tear Us Apart In Neon

12.10.12 Irina Dvalidze

Artists Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater spent 12-months creating neon odes to love. The pair commenced project titled 12 Months of Neon Love on Valentines Day 2011, fixing giant neon lyric signs from beloved songs to the top of their workshop in West-Yorkshire, England. The project illuminated the nights of daily train commuters with a new lyric every months, as Wheater recalled:

We initially began to think about the train line, and how the location of the workshop sat in perfect alignment with passing commuters. We realized that if the neon sign was big enough, we could build a roof top platform to communicate with passers by, visually shouting from the roof tops of Wakefield; a human heart felt voice burning above the industrial setting of warehouses. We thought this subject matter would be something that everyone could identify with.

The project is based on the two artists individual fascination with “Neon” for Wheater and “Time” for Lucas. It is meant to provoke an emotional connection between the phrases and the viewers, while evoking the melodies in their memory. Six of the twelve pieces have been consequently auctioned off and the series have been compiled into a book released in October.

That’s sweet. Unless you’re bitter. ‘Cause then, damn that neon burns.