In a spirit of neighborliness, we present “Love Thy Neighbs,” our weekly series wherein we at ANIMAL introduce ourselves to some of the other businesses here in Hell’s Kitchen.

McQuaids: 589 11th Avenue

Who are you? My name is Tom McQuaid.

And what is this place, where we are? The address? Where are we? McQuaids.

How long have you been here? Sixteen years.

Have you been a bar the whole time? Yes.

So that’s what you do here. You’re a bar. Yes.

What’s the best about this neighborhood? It has become a very good neighborhood.

In what way? In living. No crime. Nothin’. Very good.

So you like this neighborhood a lot? What’s the worst thing about this neighborhood? I don’t know anything bad about it right now.

That is an excellent answer. And I’m here for 16 years.

So it was worse before? Oh, definitely. Oh, yeah. It was tough, really tough. Yeah. Not anymore.

Why’d you open your bar here? Why?

Why here, yeah? It was vacant at the time, and that’s how I wound up coming here.

And now things are lookin’ up. Oh yeah. Very good neighborhood.