You are the “conductor.” This sculpture your orchestra.

Artists Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher‘s new installation Symphony in D Minor generates an indoor thunderstorm through four pendulum-esque kinetic sculptures suspended from the ceiling. The work is inspired by the arcus cloud formations which usually precede larger thunderstorms.

As the Creator’s Project explains, the installation is entirely interactive. The visitors can activate the it by pushing 22ft x 5ft tubes, which consequently produce familiar crackling and pitter patter audio borrowed from the atmospheric precipitation.

The giant sculpture relies entirely on kinetic energy to generate the effect. The piece also includes a video component which is just as responsive to the human element as the audio. It remains dormant until set in motion by the art viewer/participator.

Philadelphians will be given the opportunity to play deity just by visiting the Skybox Gallery within the next month. The installation runs until December 1, Tuesday – Saturday 3-8PM. Will they be in the mood? (Image: Creator’s Project)