Last Thursday, Rodney McDade was seeking to re-enter the U.S. from a sojourn in Mexico when he was stopped by customs officers, who took him to a “secondary inspection area” after they realized he had drug arrests on his criminal record. McDade was then patted down–a search that didn’t turn up anything–and brought to a third location, where he declined to be strip searched. Still having found nothing, customs officers then brought in a narcotics dog, which had “never turned up any false hits,” and had it examine McDade. According to inspectors, the dog “alerted to [his] buttocks area.” Based on the word of a dog and no further evidence, agents wrote up a warrant that described “probable cause to believe that McDade’s anal crevice may contain evidence, fruits, and instrumentalities,”brought him to a nearby hospital, and gave him a rectal X-Ray. Still, no drugs were found. At 2AM, seven hours after the initial stop, officers told McDade to go on his way.

Our first reaction is to wonder–between labor costs for the customs officers, the price of the x-ray, and the $2.50 tennis ball for the pooch–how much did this whole fiasco cost?

(Photos: Cheshire Police/Flickr)