Jesse Zorski, a 25-year-old Manhattan resident, was walking across Centre Street in Chinatown when he was struck by an NYPD police cruiser. Though he wasn’t seriously hurt, he was taken to New York Downtown Hospital as a precautionary measure–which cost his family $1,200 in medical bills. And after he decided to sue for damages, Zorski got another thousand-dollar bill: for repairs to the police car that hit him.

“I try to have a real good attitude about the police because it’s not an easy job,” said Zorski’s mother, who footed the medical bills. “We were playing nice, but we couldn’t believe they would bill us. Somebody there has to say, ‘Whoa, this kid was in the crosswalk.” Zorski believes the NYPD sent the bill in retaliation for the lawsuit, but department spokesman Paul Browne insists it was a mistake.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened. Earlier this year, Tamon Robinson was struck and killed by a patrol car after a chase with police, and his family was billed $710 in repairs.

(Photo: Zack Lee/Flickr)