I’ve seen lots of crazy shit while living on the tri-border of Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Bed Stuy, but tonight was especially nuts. A little before 8:45PM, I witnessed a neighborhood junkie couple beat and rob a degenerate drunk. And I got it all on video (above). It’s unclear what sparked the initial altercation, but watch as the woman in the peach-colored shirt hits the man holding the crutch with an umbrella handle. Her man, the one in the multi-colored striped shirt carrying the balloons, then joins in by grabbing the guy’s crutch and beating him over the head with it. The victim falls to the ground and ballon man quickly grabs something out of his back pocket, which I later found out was a cell phone. The NYPD quickly responded and minutes later, arrested the man and the woman as they walked through the nearby projects.

What’s really odd is that the couple were busy battling each other just minutes before, an incident I also happend to witness and record. In this video, the woman can clearly be seen biting the man on his arm as he cries out. Moments later, she returned with a umbrella handle to hit him with, but instead, walked around the block and ended up using it on the man with crutch. Is this the ghetto alternative to makeup sex?