Manhattan Building Alerts Residents About Potential Occupation On Saint Patty's Day

03.15.12 Bucky Turco

This weekend, it’s not only St. Patrick’s Day, but also the six month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Supporters were planning to hold an event at the Irish Hunger Memorial in Lower Manhattan, but their permit applications were rejected by everyone: the NYPD, Battery Park City Authority and Community Board 1’s Battery Park City Committee. Residents of the nearby Solaire tower were sent a memo by building management that mentions Occupy’s origins and warns that demonstrators may show up anyway:

Solaire Residents,
You may have heard through the media and local newspapers that Occupy Wall Street were planning an event to be held on St. Patrick’s Day March 17th at the Irish Hunger Memorial. Yesterday our management team attended a meeting hosted by Battery Park City Authority. The meeting was to discuss the Occupy Wall Street organization and a potential event which they may have at the Irish Hunger Memorial on St. Patrick’s Day. The Occupy Wall Street movement had their first meeting at the Irish Hunger Memorial six months ago. When they originally went there, they were moved on by security. That is how they ended up in Zuccotti Park. They applied for permits from the NYPD, the Battery Park City Authority and the Battery Park City Committee of Community Board 1 to hold a six month anniversary this Saturday; all applications were denied. Please see attached Broadsheet Article, even though the permits have been denied, local authorities have a feeling that the group will still try and stage an event on Saturday.  
In case that happens, the parks department and police department will be adding additional resources to the neighborhood to ensure public safety. We will keep you updated as we get any new information. If you have any further information do not hesitate to contact management or the concierge.

(Photo: Andrew McDaniel/flickr)