Manhattanhenge 2012

Twice a year–once between Bealtaine and Midsummer and once between Midsummer and Lughnasadh–the Sun Entity Grian beatifies the Isle of Manhattan for one divine minute. The Brother of Mitra calls on us by passing down and exploding His energy from East to West across our island, between our titanic steel monoliths of industry, for a glorious sixty seconds.

We have built our domain Mannahatta exactly 29.0 degrees off from the pure east-west division to honor and appease the Sun God. History will remember and fear our deity.

In celebration and reverence of the holy visit, exactly seven-sixteenths and nine-sixteenths across the Wheel of the Year, we erect an altar at the Approach to the Bridge of the Queens and confer blessed magick offerings.

So mote it be.



(Photo: Joseph Schulhoff/ANIMALNewYork; Art Direction: Danielle Duguay, Cody Masback, Sophie Nichols,Olivia Peebles, Jane-Claire Quigley/ANIMALNewYork)