With CitiBank’s $41 million sponsorship, New York City is about to get an additional 10,000 blue bikes. Though the day rental price point for tourists doesn’t make much sense, it could be a great way to eschew a cabfare for locals.

The buy-in is $9.95 per day, $25 per week or $95 per year PLUS an hourly rate. Again, if you’re making short trips, the yearly rate isn’t that bad because once you pay the initial CitiBike rate, the first 30 minutes is free. But be prepared to pay up for anything past that.

Cue cibi.me, a map for all of your bike share needs. Just drop a pin at your beginning and ending location, and they’ll tell you if you’re near the 30 minute time frame. It shows you the closest bike share docks and also tells you the best cycling route between them. Their website says “cibi.me will check to see if bikes and docks are available before recommending a route.” That’ll be great for the summer.

It was designed by OpenPlans, a non-profit technology organization that builds opensource software. Here’s more information on how the NYC rate compares to other cities’ bike shares. See you on the road!