Hey, art student! Want to learn The Abramović Method from the diva of performance art herself? Why not apply for the Summer School at PS1, a series of lectures, workshops, and discussions including Marina teaching you “a technique which trains students in achieving a clear state of mind in order to develop ideas for their own work.” If you’ve seen The Artist Is Present film, that may or may not include fasting, meditating, swimming naked and making soup. Yeah, you won’t be that lucky. I know. I know. It will be ok.

Calling all current students with art-related majors for August–art, drama, writing, etc.–and hustle, applications are due July 20th.

Guess what? The arty transgressive genderfuck Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, will also be teaching so you can “explore the emotional journeys of their life to date in the creation of an intimate, personal, magical language.” That sounds tame until you remember that Genesis surgically and spiritually turned himself into 1/2 of a single pandrogynous entity with the late Lady Jaye.

You can even learn and re-perform postmodern Steve Paxton pieces, Satisfying Lover (1967) and State (1968) come October at the MoMA. If that’s your thing. So legit.