Marina Abramović Throws a Sundance Party, Everyone Shuts Up

01.25.12 Marina Galperina

Performance art diva Marina Abramović is over parties: “It’s always the same.” Her last scandalous gala featured nude skeleton huggers as dinner centerpieces and heads sticking out of tables. For her latest shin-ding at the Sundance Film Festival, Marina made everyone wear noise cancelling headphones and shut up for one hour. The result?

A grinning Robert Redford and lots of people miming pass the corn bleu and Utah raspberry chutney h’orderves.

The Silent Party was part extension of her MoMA Artist Is Present retrospective and part promo schmoozing for her Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present doc playing at Sundance. As my knee jerks to criticize this star-studded bash, it’s kind of ingenious how Marina — cajouled by fanboy and Sundance founder Robert Redford to throw him a party already — meticulously euthanized several of the elements of such parties that party-weary partiers are bored with. Don’t want to fuss about who to wear? Flop on the mandatory lab coat. Don’t want to force mingle chatter? Shut it. Marina can’t hear you…