Marina Abramović WILL Build a Performance Art Temple, Dammit!

The Art World’s Serbian superdiva Marina Abramović has signed a deal with architect Rem Koolhaas to finally build that Center for the Preservation of Performance Art she wanted. Here’s its best part: Visitors will observe performance pieces lasting 6hrs to days from special chairs on wheels and if they fall asleep, they will be wheeled away to “a sleeping area” by the attendants.

They’ll be part of the piece, snoozing away, until they awake, raise their hand and be wheeled back by the attendants, back into their marathon audience seating area. The chairs will also have lamps, tables and, uh, dinner. Even though there’s a little breeze of that uneasy “servant class” undercurrent — like that time Marina’s MOCA Gala served naked people  — this is so bombastic and immersive, it just might be very worth a train ride up to Hudson, New York. By the way, it’s going to be in Hudson, New York, where she bootcamped her retrospective’s re-enactors. Now give Marina $8 million.

Why? Since completing her epic 700-hour eye-contact marathon and career retrospective at the MoMA, she’s still hung up on pop culture’s shameless copyright plundering of performance art history. Case in point: Sex and the City. 

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