Come… come closer. Smell Martynka Wawrzyniak’s sweat. No, really. “I wanted to create a self-portrait that was completely stripped of the visual prejudice that we usually associate with judging a person, or judging a woman specifically,” the lovely New York-based artists tells Wired.

On now at the envoy enterprises, the Smell Me exhibit features various scientifically extracted samples of Wawrzyniak’s “olfactory aura” — hair oils, tears and sweat.

She has gone back to nature and tapped into “the primal,” “one of nature’s most powerful forms of subliminal communication,” neutered by perfumes, chemicals, soaps, powders, and other modern age anti-funk maladies.

And so, she sweated into shirts, marinated herself for hours in wax and watched cartoons from her Soviet Polish homeland to make her weep nostalgia. Then, it was all bottled, simmered and turned into liquid scents, synthesized clouds of sweat-perfume and candles that smell a little bit like burnt girl flesh.

See her earlier work below. It’s a video self-portrait called Chocolate, which is, coincidentally what women smell like at their best, around the 14th day of ovulation. Take… uh… note.

The only question is: Whilst we’re whiffing up Wawrzyniak, are we going to catch a scent of hubby Richard Kern? Hmmm.

“Smell Me,” Martynka Wawrzyniak, Oct 20 – Nov 18, envoy enterprises, New York.