Massive Rammellzee Exhibition at Children’s Museum of the Arts

10.04.12 Andy Cush

The most comprehensive collection of work to date by the late, great artist/sculptor/MC/graffiti writer/all-around genius Rammellzee opens tonight at the Children’s Museum of the Arts. Rammellzee was at the forefronts of several New York City art movements in the 1970s and ’80s–check out his appearance in Wild Style or “Beat Bop,” his pioneering Basquiat-produced 1983 single –and continued to prolifically create art until his death in 2010.

“The Rammellzee Galaxseum” collects work from all creative periods of the artist’s life, and includes figurines, video and audio recordings, masks, and Rammellzee’s iconic samurai-style costumes.

“The RAMMELLZEE Galaxseum,” Rammellzee, Oct 4 – Feb 3, Children’s Museum of the Arts, New York