On Wednesday, Brooklyn College students gathered as part of Occupy Wall Street’s education initiative. A look at the schedule made for the demonstration shows a few hours of nonviolent activities (including free lunch and free teach-ins) to protest the impending $1500 tuition hike, but some pretty disturbing videos of the afternoon show a volatile series of police confrontations that ended with students being arrested.

The Indypendent reports that students who had arranged a sit-in outside Brooklyn College President Karen Gould’s office demanding to meet with the president, were forcibly separated by both NYPD and campus police, who sometimes dragged, sometimes shoved students down the hall. One campus security guard took a disabled student’s cane from her, and threw it across the room. Reports indicate at least one faculty member was trapped in the scuffle

The videos from the afternoon show a visibly frustrated and overwhelmed campus police presence sometimes unable to refrain from shouting insults at students, reminiscent of November’s Baruch College demonstrations.