A study from conservation group Oceana found that many New York food establishments frequently serve mislabeled fish–often passing off cheaper product for something more expensive, or using depleted species and labeling them as something more common.

And while consumer misinformation of any kind is bad–this study (unsurprisingly) presented some risk to public health as well. A staggering 94 percent of white tuna sold in the city is not actually tuna at all, but a species called “snake mackerel,” which “contains a \toxin that can cause severe diarrhea if more than a few ounces of meat are ingested.” In addition, tilefish, which is unsafe for pregnant woman due to its high mercury content, is often sold as red snapper, which most people wouldn’t think twice about eating.

Sushi restaurants were the worst offenders, with mislabeling in every single restaurant surveyed. With the eating habits of the ANIMAL staff, no wonder I haven’t been feeling so well lately.

(Photo: Raging Wire/Flickr)