Earlier this month, state Attorney General Eric Schneidermann announced he would look into price gouging allegations across New York, and yesterday, he gave the first round of accusations, against 13 gas stations. The stations–which include Shell stations in Queens, Nasssau, and Westchester counties, and two USA Petroleum stations in Suffolk–ran prices ranging from $4.74 to $5.50 a gallon during the aftermath of Sandy, according to the AG’s office.

“Our office has zero tolerance for price gouging and we are taking action to send a message that ripping off New Yorkers is against the law,” said Schneidermann. “Today’s action is the first in a series of steps my office will take as we continue to actively investigate the hundreds of complaints we’ve received from consumers of businesses preying on victims of Hurricane Sandy. We will do everything we can to stop unscrupulous individuals from taking advantage of New Yorkers trying to rebuild their lives.”

Check out the full list, which includes stations in Brooklyn and the Bronx as well as the locations above, here.

(Photo: Bob B. Brown/Flickr)