The mayor’s office held a press conference yesterday at which he revealed the color and overall look of the taxis in the new non-Manhattan fleet. Though some disagreement was reported as to the precise shade of green, Bloomberg pronounced it “apple green.” “We think ‘apple green’ is attractive and distinctive,” the mayor said.

The plan for “Boro Taxis,” as the cabs have been dubbed, was officially finalized ten days ago, after the Taxi and Limousine Commission settled guidelines for a fleet of livery cabs which are able to accept street hails outside of Manhattan.

In what may have been a misleading move, the press conference featured a Toyota Prius, a hybrid vehicle. Boro Taxis can be any make of car. That is to say, the new cabs are green literally –– they’re not necessarily “green.” Whether this car is “celery,” “mint,” “wasabi,” or “apple green” is up to the riders. (Photo: Brian Lehrer)