According to a new study, legalizing weed for medicinal purposes is a great way to make people kill themselves less. The joint research (PDF doc) indicates that there was a “5 percent decrease in the total suicide rate” in the states where medical pot laws were passed.

What exactly triggered the reduction is still unclear, although there’s a few theories. For one, it’s believed that the good herb “leads to an improvement in the psychological wellbeing of young adult males,” by way of its anti-depressive properties. This is also presumably due to weed making music sound better and video games funner to play.

Another contributor factor could be also be most damning one once the booze industry hears about it: Legalization leads to a decrease in alcohol consumption. So, smoke up and next time you see someone acting suicidal, text them some encouragement and the number to your delivery service, it will help a lot more than some hotline.