obamabronxThis isn’t Obama. It’s a down-on-his-luck Puerto Rican dude from the Bronx who chanced the hustle of being a “professional” presidential look-alike. Check out The Audacity of Louis Ortiz, a new documentary in progress.

As Obama was running against Clinton, Ortiz’s bar buds convinced him to shave his goatee and try to make some money off his resemblance (from certain angles). It was tough, but the unemployed, mid-lawsuit, MS-stricken, uninsured gent gave it a go. It paid off, in ways you wouldn’t immediately imagine, from meeting the Dali Lama to being held by “terrorists” in a rap video.

Here’s what you won’t see in the Kickstarter’s trailer above: Louis talking about being flown to South Korea to be in a commercial and finding out about the complimentary “Yatsu” massage and “Once I found that up, I hit it up like… twice!” Or, that when bar owner hired him to appear for a night and the present hoards from the New York Fire Department threw things, insulted, manhandled and shouted ethnic slurs at Louis as Obama. True story. Fucked up, right? Right. Hear it on this recent episode of This American Life, one of NPR’s best: