In what Anonymous calls “the single largest Internet attack in its history,” the government shut down the file-sharing site Megaupload yesterday, just as Swizz Beatz was outed as its secret CEO. The FBI had employes arrested (not Beatz) and “property subject to forfeiture” confiscated, including a Benz, a Benz, a Benz, etc., with license plates “CEO”, “GOD”, and “GUILTY.” Um, AWKWARD.

Other minimal plate names included “GOOD”, “EVIL”, “STONED”, “HACKER” and “MAFIA.” Several foreign accounts were frozen. Artworks were yonked as well — a Predator statue, something naughty by Christian Colin and “an Anonymous Hooded Sculpture” as the “mega indictment” reads.

What was the Internet’s 13th most visited site is now pegged by the FBI as an international racketeering  and laundering “MEGA CONSPIRACY”. They say it a few times. “MEGA CONSPIRACY.” (Catchy, right?). The timing cannot be a coincidence either.

As a a response, Anonymous fought back yesterday, shutting down the sites for Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America. (Image: Techcrunch)