Merry Indie X-Mas, A Very Cool Holiday Album From ANIMAL

12.21.12 Marina Galperina

Holiday music is lame.

But not when it’s covered by your favorite bands like sort of Beach House, Interpol and the xx!

That’s why ANIMAL made you this… “Merry Indie X-Mas” — the coolest holiday music compilation OF ALL TIME [this year] featuring timeless holiday classics covered by very cool indie rock bands. Just kidding! These parody songs were created by Bear Ceuse guitarist Adam Horne, but enjoy the “video teaser” above and additional tracks, right here…

You’re welcome. We love you too.

Music: Adam Horne
Direction: Marina Galperina/Aymann Ismail
Picture/Edit: Aymann Ismail
Voiceover: Joseph Schulhoff
Cast: Sophie Weiner and Russ Marshalek of the Silent Drape Runners, Ian Christopher Roberts, Kelsey Keating, Maria “Wolf Gang” Hernandez, Thomas Roberts, Lucy Swope, Tim Garvey, Molly Deis, Geoff Mak, Zak Krevitt, Lily Streeter, Sarah Trigoboff, Rachel Branciforti, Adam Horne and Cat Factory Friends